Crucible publishes three types of material, all of which cover the breadth of Christian life and thought.

The Cauldron

Formal articles in areas such as theology, Biblical studies, history, pastoral theology, missisology, philosophy and related disciplines. These papers follow the usual scholarly conventions and make a contribution to Christian scholarship.

The Test-tube

Ministry resources related to the life, ministry and mission of the church.  This includes various creative, literary forms and educational material as utilized in theological education including lectures with application to a wider audience,   discussions of current issues in church life and Christian thought, analyses of trends, sermons, poems, reviews, updates on controversies, notes on specific issues etc. This material will be reviewed according to its ability to make a contribution to the life of the church.

The Filter

Crucible publishes timely reviews of important new books in biblical studies, theology, ministry, church history and Christian thinking. There are also overviews of key books in particular fields designed to assist those in ministry in those areas to better comprehend the approaches and resources that are available. Finally we publish reviews of ‘hidden gems’, that is, books which are particularly appreciated, but which may not be very well known and yet are valuable resources.


Publishing Ethos

Crucible seeks to promote evangelical scholarship and publishes material which enhances the life, ministry and mission of the church.  The Editors retain the right to publish material which contributes to the aims of the journal but reasonable liberty in the exposition and critique of the Christian faith is allowed.  Articles reflect the opinion of the authors and reviewers and do not necessarily represent those of the Editors, the Board or the Sponsoring Organisations.