General Editor:  Rev Dr Jeffrey Pugh, former principal SILA and Postgraduate Dean, Melbourne School of Theology
Managing Editor:  Rev. Ian Packer, Academic Registrar, Morling College (formerly Assistant Director, Ethos – EA Centre for Christianity & Society)
Editor of The Cauldron:  Rev. Dr. Rob Fringer, Principal and Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Biblical Languages, Nazarene Theological College, QLD.
Editor of The Test Tube:  Rev. Dr Jeffrey Pugh

Book Review Editor:  Rev. Ian Packer, Academic Registrar, Morling College, Sydney.

Editorial Board: Rev. Prof. Brian Edgar, Professor of Theological Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary; Dr Stuart Devenish, Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies for the School of Ministry, Theology & Culture, Tabor Adelaide; Rev. Dr Graeme Chatfield, Associate Dean of the Australian College of Theology; Dr Cheryl McCallum, Principal of Eastern College (formerly Tabor Victoria); Dr Stephen Smith, Principal, Australian College of Ministries; and RevDr Andrew Bain, Vice Principal, Queensland Theological College (Brisbane).

We thank our editorial alumni for their contributions: Rev. Dr Glen O’Brien, Rev. Dr John McClean and Rev. Dr Darren Cronshaw.