Vol. 6 No. 3 (November 2015)

Welcome to this themed edition of Crucible journal largely produced by the faculty of the Australian College of Ministries and focussing on the crucial issue of chaplaincy.

With the increasing hostility of Australian society towards the church, chaplaincy remains a powerful means for the church to engage with the broader community in an effective and positive means. The articles and reviews in this edition, which focus on the theology of chaplaincy, especially in the military, schools and sporting teams, make an important contribution to the philosophy and practice of Christian chaplaincy. We also have articles and reviews in this edition on the interpretation of Genesis 1-3, higher degree theological education and research practices.

A special thanks to Steve Smith and the team at ACOM for the articles and reviews they have contributed to this edition. A special thanks to Leon O’Flynn for coordinating the effort from the ACOM end.

But thanks to all the contributors and peer reviewers who have contributed to the quality of this edition. The work of both contributors and reviewers is usually an “added extra” on top of an often busy life and I deeply appreciate your efforts.

In case you have not already realised, the fact that I am writing this Editorial reflects a change in the editorial arrangements for Crucible.  Long term stalwarts Brian Edgar and Stuart Devenish have both taken a step back from the responsibilities of leading the editorial team, although they continue on the editorial executive. Some new members have also joined.

The current Editorial Team is:

  • General Editor: Ian Hussey (Director of Post Graduate Studies, Malyon College, Brisbane.)
  • Managing Editor: Ian Packer (Academic Registrar, Morling College, Adjunct Lecturer, Booth College, Sydney.)

Editorial Executive:  

  • Graeme Chatfield (Associate Dean & Director of Research, Australian College of Theology, Sydney.)
  • Stuart Devenish (Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies for the School of Ministry, Theology & Culture, Tabor Adelaide.)
  • Brian Edgar (Professor of Theological Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary.)
  • Rob Fringer (Principal and Associate Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Biblical Languages, Nazarene Theological College, Brisbane.)
  • Cheryl McCallum (Principal, Eastern College, Melbourne.)
  • Stephen Smith (Principal, Australian College of Ministries, Sydney.)

Editorial Board:
Glen O’Brien, Darren Cronshaw and John McClean.

My thanks to this impressive and servant-hearted group of people for helping me to put together this, my first, edition of Crucible. I think they share with me an understanding of the importance of Crucible as being “an Australian medium level academic journal of a generic nature which makes the articles freely available.”

I pray that you enjoy reading this edition of Crucible and that it will make a meaning contribution to the Kingdom. We encourage you to read the articles with interest, to promote Crucible among your friends and colleagues, and to consider submitting an article yourself.

In Christ,

Ian Hussey
General Editor

Cauldron: Peer Reviewed Scholarly Articles

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van Oudtshoorn – Mything the Point – Crucible 7-1 November 2015

Laughlin – A Trinitarian Ministry of Presence – Crucible 6-3 November 2015

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Crank – Sports Chaplaincy – Crucible 6-3 November 2015

Reiher – So, you’re thinking about becoming a school chaplain – Crucible 6-3 2015

Filter: Book Reviews

Helen Cameron and Catherine Duce, Researching Practice in Ministry and Mission

Zoë Bennett, Your MA in Theology

Rob A. Fringer and Jeff K. Lane, Theology of Luck

Paul Oslington The Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Economics. Oxford Oxford University Press, 2014

Carolyn Maree Evans, Legal Protection of Religious Freedom in Australia