Vol. 6 No. 2 (May 2015)

This edition of Crucible marks two significant milestones. The first milestone is the achievement of our 10th edition of Crucible since our inception in May 2008. It has taken 5 editors and 65+ contributing authors to generate something in the order of 100 peer-reviewed, ministry-resource and book review items, which have been read by (we believe) several thousand readers in multiple locations around the globe. We are grateful for this opportunity to contribute to the conversations thoughtful Christians have had/are having about a range of important topics.

And the second milestone is Crucible’s first college-specific edition, where the faculty of a single college (in this case the Nazarene Theological College in Brisbane) have contributed enough articles to fill our article section and three of our five book reviews. In this edition you will find some excellent articles – some of the best articles we have published so far – on the topics of mission and holiness, sacramental living, ministry to the shamed, and the death-resurrection couplet as a central motif in the apostle Paul’s gospel in 1 Corinthians 15. A special thank you to the faculty at NTC in Brisbane, and in particular our thanks go to Rob Fringer who acted as the point-of-contact between the College faculty and Crucible editors and who has just joined our editorial board.

We encourage you to read the articles with interest, to promote Crucible among your friends and colleagues, and to consider submitting an article yourself – or even suggesting to your College faculty the possibility of contributing a college-specific edition of their own.

Grace and peace,

Stuart Devenish

Cauldron: Peer Reviewed Scholarly Articles

Hearn – Ministry to the Shamed – Crucible 6-2 May 2015

Smith – The Sacramental Life – Crucible 6-2 May 2015

Fringer – Dying to Be the Church – Crucible 6-2 May 2015

Test Tube: Ministry Resources

Allder – The Community of Faith and Developing Resiliency – Crucible 6-2 May 2015

Erik Groeneveld – An Outgoing Missional Church Starts with Going in First – Crucible 6-2 May 2015

Park & Wade – Missional Ecclesiology of the NTC Gap Year – Crucible 6-2 May 2015

McEwan – Love, Holiness and Happiness – Crucible 6-2 May 2015

Filter: Book Reviews

Scott W. Sunquist, Understanding Christian Mission Peter

Escalante and W. Bradford Littlejohn (eds.), For the Healing of the Nations

Jacques Ellul, An Unjust God A Christian Theology of Israel in the Light of Romans 9-11

Diane Leclerc and Mark A. Maddix, (eds), The Essential Church

Dean Flemming, Recovering the Full Mission of God