Vol. 4 No. 1 (April 2012)

No peer-reviewed journal could function without the generous support of peer-reviewers as who freely offer their time and energy to make assessments of articles and to offer advice and encouragement.

Crucible is extremely grateful to busy people who frequently go beyond the call of academic duty by making extensive and helpful comments.

Reviewers do this anonymously and without remuneration and Crucible would like to thank all those who have contributed to this ministry.

The “blind peer review” process does not allow for the identification of reviewers in relation to the articles that they have read. However, without identifying precisely the articles that anyone has reviewed, thus retaining specific anonymity, we feel that we would like to thank the following people who have, at some point in the past four years, assisted Crucible with their time in this way.

  • Irene Alexander
  • Kimberly Alexander
  • Bill Berends
  • Graham Buxton
  • John Capper
  • Jon Case
  • Cheryl Catford-Macallum
  • Doru Costache
  • Darren Cronshaw
  • John Davies
  • Max Davidson
  • Stuart Devenish
  • Brian Edgar
  • Jeff Fussner
  • Joel Green
  • Colin Greene
  • Les Henson
  • David Hohne
  • Mark Hutchinson
  • John Kleinig
  • Judi Long
  • Chris Mostaart
  • Jon Newton
  • Glen O’Brien
  • John Olley
  • Ian Packer
  • Darrell Paproth
  • John Pilbrow
  • Gordon Preece
  • Stephen Raison
  • Judy Rigby
  • Brian Rosner
  • Andrew Sloane
  • David Starling
  • Art Wouters

The editorial team

Cauldron: Peer Reviewed Scholarly Articles

Hand – Christian Assumptions of Secular Hermeneutics – Crucible 4-1 April 2012

Scott – Heart-Language Worship in Multilingual Contexts – Crucible 4-1 April 2012

Trebilcock – Living with Jesus in Liminality – Crucible 4-1 April 2012

Cronshaw – Research Interviews – Crucible 4-1 April 2012

Test Tube: Ministry Resources

Ngo – Responding to Simone Weil

Frame – Launch of the John W. Wilson Publishing Fund

Filter: Book Reviews

Oliver D. Crisp. Revisioning Christology

Steven R. Guthrie, Creator Spirit

John Dickson, Humilitas

Michael W. Goheen, A Light to the Nations

Craig van Gelder and Dwight J. Zscheile, The Missional Church in Perspective

Alister E. McGrath, Mere Apologetics