Vol. 2 No. 1 (November 2009)

The Christian church today is in need of people who can help in the important task of seeing precisely how the biblical vision of life applies to present social realities. Crucible is one means by which those who have thought about the relationship of biblical and theological themes to the ministry and mission of the church can communicate their thoughts to others. In this somewhat delayed edition of Crucible we are pleased to have an three Australian articles in the Cauldron (the peer-reviewed section) including two from Vose Seminary: Brian Harris’ discussion of the theological method of Stanley Grenz and Mike Parsons article on Luther’s use of the Psalms in ministering to the persecuted. Perhaps there is another college which could provide another set of articles for a subsequent edition! Geoff Broughton explores Saul’s encounter with the risen Jesus on the Damascus road in Acts through the lens of restorative justice emphases on repairing the harm caused by wrongdoing, reconciliation, and face-to-face encounter. We also welcome the work of Sylvia Collinson (a sermon on Jairus’ daughter), Stuart Devenish (a report on Henry Lawson’s relationship to the Salvation Army) and Beverly Vos (a summary of various issues relating to the spiritual disciplines ) to the Test Tube (ministry resources) as well as several book reviews.

We regret that this is the only edition for this year but we expect to return to two next year. Your contribution will enable to do this. Crucible provides a vehicle for publishing peer-reviewed and ministry articles. Our interests are as wide as the curricula of the sponsoring colleges. Consequently, we simply describe Crucible as a journal of Christian life and thought. We hope you enjoy the offerings in this edition.

Brian Edgar
General Editor

Cauldron: Peer Reviewed Scholarly Articles

Parsons – Luther, the Royal Psalms and the Suffering Church – Crucible 2-1 November 2009

Broughton – Restorative Justice Paul’s Encounter with the Risen Jesus – Crucible 1-1 November 2009

Harris – Why Method Matters – Crucible 2-1 November 2009

Test Tube: Ministry Resources

Collinson – Jairus’ Daughter and the Woman with a Haemorrhage

Devenish – Henry Lawson and the Salvation Army

Vos – Spiritual Disciplines and Christian Ministry – Crucible 2-1 November 2009

Filter: Book Reviews

Bevans and Schroeder, Constants in Context

Charles Mathewes, A Theology of Public Life

E. A. Judge, Social Distinctives of the Christians in the First Century